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Ambisonics —the sleeping giant?

There are undoubtedly a variety of factors limiting the wider acceptance and take up of ambisonics. One of these is a lack of a voice, a lack of a coherent community for ambisonics. This was highlighted (to take one rather specific example) by the lack of an 'open' trademark to brand both physical ambisonic material (e.g. CDs, DVDs) and virtual material (i.e. downloads).

Informal discussions concluded that without a legal entity to be proprietor for trademarks and other intellectual property (e.g. standards) there could be little progress. Hence The Ambisonics Association.

The proposal was for a 'light' association, and that remains our objective. Technical discussions (e.g Sursound), downloads (e.g. Ambisonia), conferences and publications (e.g. AES) are well catered for elsewhere. The Association will be involved with (probably boring) infrastructure. It should certainly not impinge on the greater part of ambisonics, which is creativity —and which is always going to be personal.

Also (for those unfamiliar with the legal arguments for open source licensing, etc.) it should be emphasised that the purpose of ownership of intellectual property would be inclusive not exclusive. Any trademark(s) should be usable by all members on material that complies with the relevant specification, for example.

Initially … a discussion list

Those who subscribe to the objectives of the Association, and in particular by the creation of the necessary infrastructure for ambisonics are welcome to join the discussion. It should though be noted that the purpose of our discussion list is focussed on infrastructure, not on broader technical (or other) issues!