AmbiEncoder(Multi) Workflow-Example

ICST Ambisonics Plugins in Reaper

AmbiEncoder_Multi Example

[A] The difference to the AmbiEncoder_Mono [AmbiEncoder_O3_01CH] is that the AmbiEncoder_Mult [AmbiEncoder_O3_32CH] can process up to 32 sources in one plugin.
[B] In the AmbiDecoder [AmbiDecoder_O3_32CH] we see via OSC, all AmbiEncoder movements or as in [C] the speaker placement.
[D] The audio routing can be set differently here. All mono audio sources are routed to the AmbiEncoder_O3_32CH via a "Send".

Audio Routing AmbiEncoder_O3_32CH

[A] Since the AmbiEncoder (Multi) can process up to 32 input channels, we set the number of input channels to 32.
[B] As said before we routed a "SEND" (Channel_01) to the AmbiEncoder_O3_32CH.
[C] We routed the next mono source channel via SEND 02 (Channel 02) and so on.
(See next picture)

[C] If we now look in the "Router" of the AmbiEncoder_O3_32CH, then we see all incoming busses of the incoming sources

Audio Matrix from AmbiEncoder_Multi

[E] Click [32 in 16 out] this opens the audio matrix view of the AmbiEncoder_O3_32CH. [E] Shows the 32 input channels of the AmbiEncoder
[F] Shows the 16 output channels to Bformat_O3 (16ch) Recorder

Recording the Mouvements or Placements in AmbiEncoder

[A] If we click on [Track-Envelopes/Automation] the Plugin Automation window opens
[B] We select the (XYZ) parameters of the corresponding sources we want to move.
[C] Press "Arm" to make them ready for recording.
[D] Select "Write" to enter the Record / Write mode.

[E] Move or place your source points in the radar to record them.

[D] Switch from "Write" to "Read" to play the recording.