ICST AmbiPlugins Beta-Releases v.2.2.x

The ICST team is continuously working on the further development and improvement of the ICST AmbiPlugin.

The current release is the version 'ICST_AmbiPlugin_2.2.0'. Download

We also offer "beta releases" for interested beta testers. Please note that beta releases are for testing purposes only. Therefore, we cannot assume any warranty or liability. You can request the download link and a password here: mail to: johannes.schuett@zhdk.ch

We will send you the download access as soon as possible.

New in Beta v2.2.1j (July 2022)
  • 64bit/arm64 universal installer
  • Custom OSC Receive (with scaling possibility)
  • Custom OSC Send (using JavaScript)
  • optional OSC Warning
  • updated Readme
  • Mute & Solo (direct in the Radar)
    • shift + control & 'm' [Mute]
    • shift + control & 's' [Solo]

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