ICST Ambisonics Plugins <-> ICST ambimonitor (bidirectional OSC communication)

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

This tutorial requires the installation of the following components:

icst.ambimonitor --> ICST Ambisonics Multi-Encoder Plugin:
Generate movement data in Max and send it via an OSC message to the ICST AmbiEncoder in your DAW.
ICST AmbiEncoder --> DAW:
Send a motion composition created in your DAW to the icst.ambisonics-externals.

How it works:
For more detailed information about the OSC syntax of the ICST AmbiEncoder: Help - OSC - Syntax.
See the example patch from the ICST_Ambisonics_v3 Packages (cycling74.com) in the following picture.
Picture: Communicate with ICST plugins via OSC

Receive OSC Messages from icst.ambimonitor max-externals:
  1. In Max, open the patch Communicate with ICST plugins via OSC.
  2. In Reaper create a new track.
  3. In [FX] load the AmbiEncoder Plugin (/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/).
Picture: prepare the AmbiEncoder Plugin to receive OSC-messages from extern.

A: Open the Encoder Setting window.
B: Activate Receive OSC.
C: Per default, the Plugin is listening on UDP on port 50001.
The ICST AmbiEncoder is now listening on port 50001 for incoming external OSC Messages.
In icst.ambimonitor, move any point(s) and you can see the same movement(s) in the AmbiEncoder.
Optionally, you can record the movements in your DAW.

Demo - Video

Send OSC Messages to the icst.ambimonitor max-external:

  1. In AmbiEncoder Plugin, Settings -> OSC.
  2. Activate Send Positions for External Usage.
  3. Click edit...
  4. In Custom OSC, click add.
  5. Write or copy&paste the following OSC Message (replace /demo/{n} {d}):
/icst/ambi/sourceindex/xyz {i} {x} {y} {z}

Picture: prepare the AmbiEncoder Plugin to send OSC Messages for external usage.

  1. Activate Enable and close the window.
  2. When you move or playback your spatialization recording, you can see the same movements in the icst.ambimonitor.
Demo - Video

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