ICST Ambisonics Plugins Templates

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

The ICST Ambisonics Plugins v.1.2 includes the following templates:

    • ICST Mono Ambisonics.RPP
    • ICST_AmbiPlugins_Multi_O1.RPP
    • ICST_AmbiPlugins_Multi_O3.RPP
    • ICST_AmbiPlugins_Multi_O5.RPP

    • ICST_DECODER_O1.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_DECODER_O3.RTrackTemplat
    • ICST_DECODER_O5.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Multi_O1.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Multi_O3.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Multi_O5.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Solo_O1.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Solo_O3.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Solo_O5.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Multi_4x_mono_sources.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Multi_8x_mono_sources.RTrackTemplate
    • ICST_Encoder-Multi_16x_mono_sources.RTrackTemplate
    • IEM_Binaural_Decoder_O1.RTrackTemplate*
    • IEM_Binaural_Decoder_O3.RTrackTemplate*
    • IEM_Binaural_Decoder_O5.RTrackTemplate*
    • dearVR_Binaural_Ambi_Micro.RTrackTemplate*

ICST Ambisonics Plugin Session-Template:

  • ICST Ambisonics Plugins Template for Ambisonics Order_O1 (4CH buses)
    • 4 x mono source
    • 1 x ICST Multi-AmbiEncoder (max. 64 source inputs) transmits from 4CH Bformat (AO-01)
    • 1 x Bformat AO-01 Master (for recording, resp. manipulation of the Bformat)
    • 1 x ICST Ambisonics Decoder (4CH inputs) -> decodes max. 64 speakers
    • 1 x IEM Binaural Decoder (4CH inputs) -> 2CH outputs (for monitoring with headphones)

The ICST Ambisonics plugins works with right-hand coordinate rules!


Example_01: to open a ICST Ambisonics Plugin Session-Template

The next examples show the application and necessary installations.
Example_02: open the ICST Track-templates --> Right-click
The next examples show track templates for binaural decoding.
Example_03: Binaural_Ambi_MicroVR (free)

The next example shows an Example with the IEM-BinauralDecoder
click on FX to open the Plugins.
Example_04: ICST Ambisonics Plugins Template with IEM-BinauralDecoder.

  • The ICST_AmbiPlugins_2.2._osx.pkg installs the templates by default.
  • Manual installation:
    • The ProjectTemplates in this Folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/REAPER/ProjectTemplates
    • TrackTemplates to this Folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/REAPER/TrackTemplates

* For these templates, you must have these plugins installed.

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