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Erstellen wir also dieses Template für Reaper zusammen Schritt für Schritt.
Dieses Tutorial setzt voraus, dass sie Reaper die ICST Ambisonics Plugins, und alle andern empfohlenen Plugin’s schon installiert haben!
(—> siehe Installation)

  1. Open Reaper (DAW)
  1. you have just created a new track in reaper.
  1. remove the master output. (alt & click)
  1. configure the ICST Ambisonics Decoder routing for 8th-speakers.
    • track channels = 16 (Since the decoder in our example expects a 16 channel interleaved audio signal in Ambisonics 3rd order at input.)
    • for this example we chose an 8th circle for our speaker setting. So we need 8 physical outputs for this.
  1. Double click on "FX", this opens the effect selection in Reaper. You can enter "ICST" in the filter, which will take you directly to the ICST plugins. For our example select "VST3:AmbiDecoder_O3_64CH (16->64ch)".
    • VST3:AmbiDecoder_O3_64CH (16->64ch) means
    • VST3 = latest VST standard
    • AmbiDecoder_O3_64CH = Ambisonics Decoder 3thOrder for 64-channels
    • The plugin expects 16ch input and can output up to 64 channels.
  1. choose your speaker-setting (for this example the "Octagon"(8) --> press "Apply"
    • or select it from the preset list.
The Decoder is set. For more information please see the "Help" or our Wiki under Decoder Specifications.
  1. To make further adjustments, please click on the gear wheel.
This opens the "Speaker settings" window in which you can make further settings.
  1. The question mark symbol opens the "Help" window in which all relevant operations of the decoder are explained.
  1. With the keyboard command "command & T" we can create a new track.
We can give this track a nice color.
  1. We will call it the "B-Format Master". It should also be specified in routing with 16-channels.
  1. now create two new tracks and give them both this routing. 16-channel track-input and one 16-channel send to the "B-Format Master" track.
  1. Good, now we can load the ICST Encoder plugins. Proceed exactly the same way as with the "Decoder" in step 5.
  1. Load an ICST AmbiEncoder-Mono and once an ICST-AmbiEncoder-Multi under „FX". Oh, and how do the two encoders diffe
The AmbiEncoder-Mono (1 -> 16ch) expects a mono audio signal as input and sends in third order 16ch to the decoder.
The ICST-AmbiEncoder-Mono automatically gets the name of the Reaper track it is hosted in. (here " ICST Encoder-Mono")
The AmbiEncoder-Multi (64 -> 16ch) expects 64 times a mono audio signal as input and sends in third order (16ch) to the decoder.
By default the ICST-AmbiEncoder-Multi receives a source (here "1". To get multiple sources (max. 64), we have to select them in the "Encoder Settings". click on the gear wheel in AmbiEncoder_O3_64CH (64->16ch)
  1. Select the source-numbers you want to activate and give it a nice color. In radar you have to drag the number from the center of the radar and drop it to the desired position.
  1. Depending on the distance parameter settings and the number of selected sources the volume of the AmbiEncoder is calculated. It is often necessary to turn up the "Master Gain" slider a bit, because the encoded signal can be very quiet. (see also ICST AmbiEncoder-Multi)

  1. Create four new mono audio tracks in reaper and name them as "Source_01...source04 (Image) In contrast to the AmbiEncoder-Mono we have to add the audio sources to routes in the AmbiEncoder-Multi.
Then in AmbiEncoder-mono each track is sptatialized with its mono audio file. This has the advantage that we can move or edit the automation synchronously with the audio.
  1. The four mono audio signals from [Source_01...Source04 ] must now be routed to AmbiEncoder-Multi.
In the AmbiEncoder Multi we now receive "Receices" from each "source track" and route them to a movement point in the radar.
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Congratulations you have just created your first Ambisonics Reaper template with the latest ICST Ambisonics plugins!

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