Ambisonic Channel 1


Channels Sequence

November 2008: The format documented here is intended for future ambisonic files (etc.).

Pre-2009 files typically used a channel sequence of WXYZRSTUVKLMNOPQ (the index page can be used as a concordance), and FuMa channel weightings (conversion factors are on the pages for channels 0 to 15).

Ambisonic Channel Number (ACN) = 1

(l,m) = (1,-1)

FuMa letter code: Y

Conversion factor from FuMa to N3D:
  • sqrt(3)
  • 4.77 db
Conversion factor from SN3D to N3D:
  • sqrt(3)
  • 4.77 db

Associated spherical harmonic

In N3D normalisation

For explanations, comments and notes on the SH equations see the the commentary.
NB Equations up to sixth degree have been subjected to rigorous checking. Equations for higher degrees are still undergoing various checks.