The ICST Ambisonics Plugins

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / ICST Zurich University of the Arts

Overview of the ICST Ambisonics Plugins in the Reaper DAW.

Figure: A: ICST Mono-AmbiEncoder / B: ICST Multi-AmbiEncoder/ C: ICST AmbiDecoder

The 'ICST Ambisonics Plugins' are a freely available 'open-source' audio plugins bundle for working in a DAW. We offer them as bundles for osx 64bit(universal) / win_x64 / Linux (experimental) up to Ambisonics 7. The ICST AmbiPlugins were developed at the Institute for Computer Music and Audio Engineering (ICST) and complement the well-known 'icst-ambisonics-externals' for MaxMSP. Together with the CSound Undo's, the ICST covers a wide field for the creation of 3D audio content.
For the respective information about the (stable) releases, please go to the wiki of our developer repository Wiki

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