B-Format SceneRotator

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

This tutorial is a short step-by-step guide on how to use the iOS app 'GyrOSC' with the 'IEM - SceneRotator' Plugin.
(Pre-installation of the IEM Ambi plugins is required)

Setting up the GyrOSC.app:

  1. download the GyrOSC.app
  2. Create for this example your setting in the GyrOSC.app as follow.
  3. Activate 'Gravity' (deactivate all others)

Setting up the 'IEM_SceneRotator'

  1. Download and open the 'Bformat_Manipulator' Reaper-template.
  2. Open the FX in the 'BFORMAT_FX' Track.
  3. OSC-Input and set the Port-number to 9009
  4. GyrOSC sends Quaternions (xyz) to the udp-port 9009
  5. Download 'Bformat Manipulator' and open it.
It is a small OSC translator between the GyrOSC.app and the IEM SceneRotator plugin.
  1. Move your iPhone.