ICST AmbiPlugins Installation for Reaper (Windows 64-bit)

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts


  1. Download Reaper64 (Windows 64-bit) from reaper.fm
  2. Follow the Reaper Installation guide.
  3. Run the Reaper (DAW) by click the Reaper64.app
  4. Close Reaper64.
  5. Install the reaper plugin extension (SWS/S&M) from this link: https://www.sws-extension.org/ (https://www.sws-extension.org/download/REAPERPlusSWS171.pdf)
  6. Install the ReaPack (Package manager for Reaper) from here: https://reapack.com/
  7. Follow this installations guide: https://reapack.com/user-guide#installation
  8. Extract ICST_AmbiPlugins_2.1.0_win_x64.exe to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Restart the PC!

Example how to choose the AmbiPlugins.

  1. 0pen Reaper64.app and click on FX

  1. Generate a Track with a ICST_AmbiDecoder

Default is theStereo-Decoder

  1. Generate a Track with a ICST_AmbiEncoder

Example: Multi-AmbiEncoder and a AmbiDecoder for a Square.

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