ICST Multi-Ambisonics Encoder v.2+

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

The biggest innovations have been made in the Encoder Multi v2.0.0.
In the Multi encoder v2.x all parameters of the mono encoder can be added up to the maximum number of 64.
Picture "Swarm with 64 sources" Picture: Four groups

Now you can create up to four groups per encoder, with different numbers of members.
Example: with four independent groups that are automated and managed separately.

This icon again brings us to the "Encoder Settings" window.
  • In the [Sources] window, the sources can now be assigned to the respective groups or removed.
  • The sources can be named and given their own color. Exception is, if the sources join a group, they can also get the group color.
  • If a source is too loud or too quiet within the group, it can be lowered or raised via the [Gain db].

  • - In [Groups] groups names and groups color, can be defined and determined.
  • - Presets] can of course be saved and managed with the [Preset Manager].
As with the decoder, we can export and re-import the preset data as an XML file.

If we can make groups, we should be allowed to automate them?

There is a new function [Group Animation]:
Select group point and press option (alt) on (Mac)
Example Group animation
  • Group stretch
  • Group rotate around the group point
  • Group rotate around the origin.
Demo video

Alle Group Animationen lassen sich in der DAW Aufzeichnen oder ├╝ber OSC ansteuern. -->(roter Bereich)
All Group Animations can be recorded in the DAW or controlled via OSC. -->(red area)
See also OSC-Syntax in the "Help"
Newly also, Distance Parameters can be automated! -->(blue area)

Important renewal in the V.2.0 is the [Master-Gain] Slider which was attached!
Since practically 64 sources with maximum volume (0dB) can be placed in the center (radar center), overdrive is to be expected!

With the [Master-Gain] slider this can be corrected.
Image: Master Gain Slider [ -12dB<---0dB--->+12dB].
This allows you to set and automate individual "Gain / Volume" settings, per Multi-AmbiEncoder.
Example automation des [Master-Gain] Sliders

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