ICST Mono-AmbiEncoder v.2.x

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

The encoder mono automatically gets the name of the respective Reaper track!
Example Reaper "Track 4

- New is also the choice of distance, between [Infinite] and a region (space) defined in (meter).
- With the choice "Region", an absolute distance can be defined with the [Distance Scaler].
Example with 5.9m region
The distance calculation is automatically scaled to this value.
Distance calculation with 5.9m
Example with relative distance [Infinite]
Attention: The decision of the choice between region (absolute space) and "Infinite" (endless space) must be made
be made at the beginning. (see "Distance scaler")

All these parameters can be automated, via midi (cc) or via OSC (see OSC Syntax)
Example in Reaper

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