The ICST Ambisonics Decoder (v2.1)

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

What's new in the ICST Ambisonics Decoder:

  • Decoder Radar
    • Radar Interaktion:
    • Point Interaktion:
  • Radar Total View
    • Radar Total View of all pending placements and movements across OSC port 50000,
providing a visual aid to master control.

  • New Speaker Settings
    • A new [speaker settings] manager [A]
    • [B] CSV Import & CSV Export Funktion is added. Dies vereinfacht das transferieren der defaults,
oder eigener speaker-settings.
    • CSV files can be edited and modified with all common text editors.
Often a semicolon or a comma is used to separate the data records. Hence the name:
CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values".
    • Requiered CSV Format:
    • Standard speaker settings were added as presets
    • You can manage the speaker-settings:
      • 1. open the Preset Manager
      • 2. export All --> to create a Backup of exist settings.
      • 3. Remove All --> delete the speaker settings
      • 4. Restore Defaults --> bring back the default settings
      • 5. Alternative: Import --> to create your favourite settings and press Apply
    • New color for speakers Management for the speakers.
    • Apply all selected speakers to the last selected "color"
    • You can now select the speakers in the list individually. [Command & Click]
    • new manager for the filters:
    • the filters are now displayed as miniatures. So you can quickly see which filter/type is active or not.
    • the filters themselves ins now more intuitive and easier to use.
    • A new FFT view has been added to the filters.
    • As with the color; any speaker selection can be copied with the same filter preset as selected
for the last one. (here Speaker 17).

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