Tutorials v2.3

Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

The ICST Ambisonics Plugins Release v2.3.0 has new features!

ICST Ambisonics Plugins Global:

  • New names:
    • 'AmbiDecoder_o1_8ch.component' --> 'AmbiDecoder_o7_64ch.component'
    • 'AmbiEncoder_o1_1ch.component' --> 'AmbiEncoder_o7_64ch.component'
    • 'AmbiDecoder_o1_8ch.vst3' --> 'AmbiDecoder_o7_64ch.vst3'
    • 'AmbiEncoder_o1_1ch.vst3' --> 'AmbiEncoder_o7_64ch.vst3'
  • Radar with different designs and views
    • Radar axis improved
    • Radar axis labels
    • Radar tap with a 'Point Scaler' for the 'sources-points' and a 'Group Point Scaler.'

ICST AmbiPlugins Reaper template:

ICST AmbiDecoder:

  • New Speaker preset list
  • Select the speakers in the radar and press 'Shift & Control + M' to turn the mute on and off.
  • Mute Feedback in the radar
  • Better select mode in the 'Speaker settings'
  • Right-click to change color/filter and gain values for the selected parameters.
  • Bug-fixes

ICST Mono-AmbiEncoder:

  • Encoder Settings tap redesigned
  • Distance Scaler is no longer in the Encoding tap and is part of the sources.
  • Encoding tap with 'preset manager'.

ICST Multi-AmbiEncoder:

The 'Encoder settings' window has been redesigned.
  • New Encoder taps
  • Group mode: is group mode activated, the source points are anchored relative to the group point.
  • The sources can now be selected individually.
  • Right-click (Mac: control-click) opens a selection box where you can apply mute/solo/color values and gain to the selection.
  • Select points in the radar and press this Key-commands:
    • Mute → shift + control & M
    • Solo → shift + control & S
  • Up to 8 groups are now possible
  • In group mode, the groups can be manipulated and edited more easily.
(see animation in the following picture)
  • new group input option in radar
    • shift & double-click in radar
  • Create a new group formation with the following selection:
    • Circle
    • Square
    • Triangle
    • Star
  • Animation


  • OSC IN tap:
    • OSC Data-Log
    • hide warnings
  • Listen to Standard OSC: show in the help
    The JS-Code Help:
    • save JS-Code
    • save user presets

  • OSC Out:
  • Scaling possibility and accessible forwarding OSC data to other FX plugins or applications.

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