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Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology / (ICST) Zurich University of the Arts

Release v2.3.0 is ready for download (February 2023)
(we prefer the Reaper.fm DAW)
  • Currently, the following plugin bundles are available (64-bit universal binary):
    • OSX: ICST_AmbiPlugins_2.3.0_osx (VST3 and AU)
    • Windows: ICST_AmbiPlugins_2.3.0_win_x64 (VST3 only)

New in v2.3

  • New names:
    • 'AmbiDecoder_o1_8ch.component' --> 'AmbiDecoder_o7_64ch.component'
    • 'AmbiEncoder_o1_1ch.component' --> 'AmbiEncoder_o7_64ch.component'
    • 'AmbiDecoder_o1_8ch.vst3' --> 'AmbiDecoder_o7_64ch.vst3'
    • 'AmbiEncoder_o1_1ch.vst3' --> 'AmbiEncoder_o7_64ch.vst3'
  • Three different views
  • New Radar Design
  • New Groupe and Delete Symbols on the Main-window
  • Radar-Display: (New)
    • Point Scaler
    • Group Point Scaler
  • New Reaper Session templates
  • New Reaper TrackTemplates
    • ICST Ambisonics Plugins
    • ICST Ambisonics Plugins 3rd_party
  • Bug fixes

  • New Speaker-Settings presets
  • New preset-manager
  • Better select mode in the 'Speaker settings'
    • right-click to change filters/color and gain values
  • Mute speakers in radar (Mac: shift&control + M)
  • Mute Feedback in the radar
  • User-defined colors for the speakers.

  • Delete Symbols on the Main-window
  • Double-click in the radar to rename and activate the source point.
  • Redesign of the taps for encoder setting.
  • The distance scaler is now a global encoder parameter.
  • Readonly-Name for Mono-Encoder.
  • Adapt the color to the track.

  • Group mode implemented.
    • The source points are relative to the approached GP-point.
  • Tap for Sources
    • Distance
    • Master Gain
    • Sources
    • Groups
    • Source presets
  • Tap for Encoding
    • Doppler
    • Distance
    • Air absorption
    • Distance encoding presets
  • Groupe and Delete Symbols on the Main-window
  • Multi activate source-points.
    • 'shift + double-click' on the radar to get a new input option for source points/colors/name and forms.
  • Select one or more source-points in the radar
    • shift & option + M --> Mute
    • shift & option + S --> Solo (only Encoder)
    • Mute automate pro Source
  • Multi-Encoder Presets
  • Better select mode in the 'source-settings'
    • right-click to change filters/color and gain values
  • Double click on a free position in the radar opens an input window for entering the channel number (first free place already in as suggestion); with OK, the selected channel is activated at the clicked position.
  • Group-manipulation:
    • Translation (XYZ) and rotation (Quaternion) are definable.
    • Stretch using MouseWheel

  • New tap's for OSC IN and OSC Out
  • Hide warnings flag.
  • OSC IN
    • Two different -Mode:
    • If activated, the Plugin listens to the standard OSC patterns, otherwise, the standard patterns are ignored and only user defined patterns are evaluated.
  • Listen for Standard OSC
  • Definitions / JavaScript
  • Quaternion Rotation implemented.
    • Right-hand z-up (TouchDesigner)
  • OSC-Out:
    • User defined scaling available
    • Dual-Scaling for sx, sy, sz, se.
    • Every object can also be dynamically calculated using a JavaScript expression: {expr, #}
    • User-defined path (example: /track/11/fx/2/fxparam/1/value {d} 0.2)

New Tutorials


New in v2.2

ICST Ambisonics Decoder:
- New speaker settings manager in the decoder.
- Redesign of the filters in the decoder.
- New thumbnail view of active filters in speaker settings.
- New speaker setting - manager in the decoder with selective choice possibility.
- CSV import/export
- Many default speaker settings have been added as presets.
- also look here: Specifications
ICST Ambisonics Multi-Encoder
- New OSC manager in the multi-encoder with a scaling option
- Doppler was added
- Low-pass filter for air-absorption simulation, depending on distance, has been implemented.
- also look here: Specifications
ICST Ambisonics Plugins Templates
- From version 2.2 we install 'ProjectTemplates' and 'TrackTemplates' for Reaper6.app in the 'REAPER' folder. Please note that these templates require additional third-party plugins. For more information see here: icst-ambisonics-plugins-templates


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